Back-To-School Chinoiserie Gift Guide

Back-To-School Chinoiserie Gift Guide


A New School Year 

The back-to-school season is an exciting (and slightly crazy!) time for both parents and children. After all, a new school year brings new friends, new experiences, new classrooms, and even new university accommodations.
What better way to kick off the school year and embrace those autumn colors than with some beautiful chinoiserie accessories and artworks!
Diane Hill's 'Carly' embellished chinoiserie art print in gold frame on a table with a vase of white roses
'Carly' embellished art print 

Chinoiserie Chic Gifts 

If you love gift-giving, then these chinoiserie gifting ideas are perfect for you!
three of Diane Hill's mini botanical prints containing images of chinoiserie style birds and leaves in frames on top a desk with books and a vase containing flowers
Mini art prints are a super versatile choice for those heading off to university and make beautiful dorm room accessories! They can be displayed individually or as part of a gallery wall, used as keepsakes, or even as notecards if you’re feeling fancy!
Diane Hill's mini chinoiserie art print in a frame on a desk on top of a book with a pot full of pencils next to it
Mini art prints are perfect for adding some chinoiserie flair to a small space. They can create an opulent feel when displayed as a collection or a maximalist and eclectic vibe when displayed as mix-and-match prints!

Chinoiserie Phone Cases 

four chinoiserie style phone cases designed by Diane Hill on a flat surface with flowers
Phone cases don't just have to be functional; they can be beautiful as well! My luxury phone cases are perfect for chinoiserie art lovers, as they are printed in the highest quality, with a smooth matte finish that preserves all the intricate details of my original hand-painted artwork.
Luxury chinoiserie phone case design by Diane Hill on a flat background surrounded by red flowers
'Judy' chinoiserie phone case
They’re dual-layered, with an impact-resistant outer shell that offers extra durability and protection to keep your phone safe (and incredibly stylish) even when you need to run between classes or sprint for the bus! There is a color and pattern to suit everyone, making this a perfect way to carry around a beautiful chinoiserie design with you wherever you go.

Chinoiserie Wall Art Prints

Diane Hill's 'Chloe B' chinoiserie art print on a wall in a gold frame with a tassel lamp and flowers just in frame
'Chloé (B)' chinoiserie art print
If you’re looking to add some personality to your study area, a chinoiserie wall art print will do just that! Featuring traditional chinoiserie elements such as flowers, birds, and botanical designs, these art prints also bring a sense of relaxation and nature to your space.
 Diane Hill's prints 'Clarissa & Joanna' in gold frames on a white wall with a table containing flowers and candles beneath it
'Joanna & Clarissa' chinoiserie wall art prints
Chinoiserie wall art prints come in a variety of sizes and can be further personalized with your choice of framing! Whether you prefer the modern, sleek, and minimal look or the opulent and luxurious style, a framed print is always a beautiful gift!

Chinoiserie Art Materials 

Paintbrushes in a pot next to a paint palette containing green paint
Chinoiserie paintbrushes in Diane Hill's studio
Give the gift of creativity with some chinoiserie paintbrushes or even silk paper! Sometimes, it’s more enjoyable to give something that can be used again and again, especially if the recipient is an art lover.
 two chinoiserie paintbrushes on paper next to a tube of paint
Chinese paintbrushes can last a lifetime, so what better gift than something that not only will be used repeatedly but also something that will (hopefully) last forever! You could even kickstart a budding artist’s paintbrush collection with their first Chinoiserie Paint & Blending brush (it even comes with a digital brush guide)!

Diane Hill Gift Card 

Diane Hill chinoiserie art prints in frames on a desk with paintbrushes and a palette containing paint
Sometimes it’s nice for someone to choose their own gift (especially if they have a particular style or pattern they love!), so a digital gift card is a great option. You can choose how much you’d like to put on the card, and this way the recipient can even put it towards a bigger purchase.
Diane Hill e-gift card 
Diane Hill's 'Alia' art print hung up above a side table next to a bed
'Alia' chinoiserie art print
No matter which chinoiserie chic gift you decide to give, I know the recipient will absolutely love it!
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