Learn How To Paint Chinoiserie Art

Learn How To Paint Chinoiserie Art


A Guide To Chinoiserie Painting


Are you a lover of chinoiserie art and want to give it a go yourself but don’t know where to start?


Well, look no further because I’ve put together a brand new e-book to help you on your chinoiserie painting journey!


Whether you’re just starting out or want to fine-tune your painting techniques, this e-book guide is here to demystify this beautiful form of painting and help you create your own luxurious chinoiserie creations.


graphic with text overlay explaining what you'll learn in Diane Hill's upcoming e-book 'How To Paint Chinoiserie Art'  

What Makes Chinoiserie, Chinoiserie


Chinoiserie (or Chinese-style) is a Western painting style inspired by the opulence and grandeur of the ‘mysterious East’ that was made popular in the 18th Century and continues to this day!


This style of painting remains mysterious, and I was lucky enough to travel to China and learn these beautiful techniques, so it's my duty to share that with you in this guide so we can keep the tradition alive.


Traditional chinoiserie wallpaperTraditional chinoiserie wallpaper. Image credit Emile de Bruijn


Tools Of The Trade


When painting chinoiserie, there are a few things you’ll need to gather first before you begin. Most importantly, you’ll need the right tools and materials!


I typically use gouache paints, silk paper, and my chinoiserie brushes in all of my artworks to create layers of gradients and details that join together to form luxurious and stylised designs (and I’ll tell you exactly what brands and shades I use when painting my own chinoiserie art!)

 diane hill dipping her paintbrush into a pot of watercolour paint surround by other pots of paint next to a vase of flowers


Where To Begin


Every piece of artwork has to start with an initial sketch! Creating an authentic chinoiserie scene requires a carefully considered selection of composition, style, and colour, and can seem daunting if you’ve never done it before!


I take you through my method of creating a chinoiserie scene from scratch so you can add your own unique touch and create your signature style with confidence.


Chinoiserie wallpaper initial design in black and white and finished piece in powder blue on pink background

Initial chinoiserie scene and the finished 'Florence' design


Techniques, Tips, & Tricks  


What defines chinoiserie is the beautiful gradients in the paint that give the design a look between stylised and natural, and there are a number of techniques you can use to achieve this.


This e-book is full of the techniques I use in my own work, tips on how to achieve this yourself, and tips on how to correct any mistakes! 


Up close image of Diane Hill holding a paintbrush above her bird design thaat features on her 'Faraway Land' chinoiserie collection


Words Of Advice


Mastering any painting techniques takes time and patience. The creative process can sometimes be a long one, but practice makes perfect, and seeing your artistic goals come to life is a feeling like no other!


Painting is a beautiful way to relax the mind and take a break from the stresses of life, and can be an amazing form of self-care as well as artistic expression.


Diane Hill painting a blue chinoiserie scene featuring cranes and trees onto wooden panelsPainting onto wooden panels for a custom bedroom design


I can't wait to share the world of chinoiserie art with you and help you bring your own luxurious artworks to life.


Find out more about my e-book here!


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