How To Paint Chinoiserie Art E-Book

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Chinoiserie (or Chinese-style) painting is a style inspired by the opulence and grandeur of the ‘mysterious East’ and is a style of painting that remains mysterious to this day!

I was lucky enough to travel to China and learn these beautiful techniques, so it's my duty to share that with you in this e-book so we can keep the tradition alive.

Learn how to plan, create, and display chinoiserie artworks as well as where to find inspiration and what to do if you make a mistake!

BONUS! Includes a downloadable outline drawing of my limited edition 'Carrie' print! 

(© Diane Hill 2020. All rights reserved. For non-commercial use only.)

If you want to follow the tutorials in this e-book using the featured art materials then my Chinoiserie Painting Starter Set is the perfect addition!


  • The history behind Chinoiserie and what makes it 'Chinoiserie' 
  • The tools and materials you'll need, and what ones I use in my own work 
  • How to work with the different types of paint: watercolour, gouache, and acrylic
  • The stages and techniques of traditional chinoiserie painting
  • What to do if you make a mistake 
  • How to mount and display your artwork
  • How to work with silk paper 
  • Where to find inspiration 
  • Solutions to pain points and hurdles

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Proudly created in London...

Diane Hill is a modern Chinoiserie artist creating art for your home and life, making every day beautiful.