New E-Book: How To Paint Chinoiserie Art!

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What You'll Learn

I created this e-book guide to demystify this beautiful form of painting and help you create your own luxurious chinoiserie creations!


I tell you exactly what tools and materials you'll need to create luxurious chinoiserie artworks


I talk you through the traditional painting techniques and methods used in chinoiserie art-making


I share  clever tips and tricks on how to display your art and what to do if you make a mistake

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Why I've Created This Guide

I was lucky enough to travel to China to learn these rare techniques from the masters, so I feel it's my duty to share them with you to help you on your journey to mastering the art of Chinoiserie. Together, we can keep the tradition alive!

You'll Also Learn

Silk Paper & Paints

How to flatten and dye silk paper, what the different paint types are and how to work with them.

Inspiration & Helpful Advice

Where to find inspiration and advice on starting your artistic journey.

History & Composition

Where Chinoiserie comes from and how to create a classic scene


Includes a downloadable outline drawing of my limited edition 'Carrie' print!

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Take A Look Inside

This e-book contains over 30 pages of chinoiserie painting techniques, resources, and guidance! Here's a sample of what you'll learn...

Art Materials

"We're incredibly blessed to have an artist who is willing to teach their beautiful and rare form of art. Thank you, Diane! I'm looking forward to getting my silk painting sheets to get started."

- Sonya

"Couldn’t wait to get this ebook! It’s brilliant. Easy to follow and concise in every detail."

- Afrah

"What an amazing resource! I've found it next to impossible to discover tutorials for chinoiserie painting techniques so thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. I'm so keen to learn!"

- Eden

"Thank you so much Diane for doing this tutorial, it's so very much appreciated. Your artwork is very much admired, and exquisite! 💕"

- Karen

"The generosity, clarity, and specificity of your instruction is so effective and phenomenal. I rate your e-book a 20 out of 10!!!!"

- Evangeline

How To Paint Chinoiserie Art E-Book

What defines chinoiserie is the beautiful gradients in the paint that give the design a look between stylised and natural, and there are a number of techniques you can use to achieve this.

This e-book is full of the techniques I use in my own work, tips on how to achieve this yourself, and tips on how to correct any mistakes!

Paint The Luxurious Way

Whether you're a beginner or looking to improve your techniques, this e-book will demystify the process and enable you to create your own luxurious chinoiserie style artworks!

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Various ipad mock-ups of pages from Diane Hill's new digital e-book: How To Paint Chinoiserie Art