Why Choose Chinoiserie Paintbrushes?

Why Choose Chinoiserie Paintbrushes?


The Perfect Brushes


Having the perfect paintbrush is essential when it comes to painting in the Chinoiserie style but, finding brushes that are good quality, ethically sourced, sustainable, AND reasonably priced can be fairly difficult.


I've tried many different brushes over the years and spent a long time researching. Finally, I have found some beautiful brushes that are perfect for Chinoiserie painting. I'm so happy to be able to share them with you now!


Lifestyle photo Diane Hill's chinoiserie paintbrushes and ceramic paint palette in her art studio


Why My Chinoiserie Brushes? 


Chinoiserie painting is traditionally done using Chinese paintbrushes. These brushes are also commonly used for calligraphy, so ensuring you can retain enough paint and water, and create smooth, clean lines is so important.


Traditionally three brushes are used for chinoiserie painting: one for painting and blending, one for water, and one for fine lines and details


Diane Hill's chinoiserie paintbrush set of three


Each brush stroke is intentional and cannot be corrected or changed (at least not very easily!), this is why it was so important to me to find brushes made from the highest quality materials - to make your painting experience smooth and seamless.


The brushes can be purchased individually, perfect for beginning or adding to your collection, or they can be bought in a set of three so you can get creating chinoiserie artworks straight away!


Diane Hill's chinoiserie paint brushes and painting examples


 Sustainability And Ethics


Making sure these brushes are sustainable and ethically sourced was also very important to me! 


I wanted the brushes to be made from animal hair however, I wanted to ensure that the hairs used were a byproduct and that the animals were not being farmed for their fur. It took a little while to figure out, but I’m very content with the hairs that are being used for these brushes!


Diane Hill's chinoiserie painting and blending brush


I also wanted them to be as natural and environmentally friendly as possible. Made by a family-run brush maker in Japan, the handle of the paintbrushes are made from bamboo and they are developed with the highest standards in mind!


 Diane Hill using chinoiserie paintbrushes to paint the original design for her 'Felicity' wall art print


Learn To Paint In The Chinoiserie Style


I use these brushes in all of my chinoiserie paintings and artworks, along with watercolour or gouache paints and silk paper


Typically chinoiserie paintings feature tropical birds, intertwining trees, and beautiful landscapes with repeating blossoms or flowers to fill the empty spaces. 


Diane Hill's 'Susan' chinoiserie art print in black frame


There is a traditional Chinese painting technique I use when painting these repeating blossoms, and I can now paint each one in under 60 seconds - and you can too! 


I have created a video tutorial for you to learn this exact technique using my brushes and silk paper, so you can paint your own blossom flowers in just a couple of brush strokes!


Chinoiserie style blossom flowers painted by Diane Hill with paintbrushes, paints, and palette


I can’t wait for you to try out this technique with these brushes, I hope you love them as much as I do!


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    Eden Halliday : September 12, 2023

    These brushes are just what I’ve had my heart set on for some time. Thank you Diane for doing all the hard work for us and providing this wonderful product. I can’t wait to start practicing!

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    Silvia : August 29, 2023

    Very Beautiful, She is really inspirational.

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    annie tariq: August 18, 2023


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