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Meticulously hand crafted by master artisans, these paint brushes boast premium soft bristles and sustainable bamboo handles, ensuring perfectly smooth strokes and exquisite levels of detail. Get ready to create beauty!

This set of 3 paint brushes is all you will need to create stunning Chinoiserie art.

The set consists of 2 x paint and blending brushes and 1 x detail brush.

It is essential that you work with 2 x paint and blending brushes to paint Chinoiserie style artwork. One brush holds the paint colour and the other brush holds water only, which you'll use to blend your paint to a smooth gradient. These brushes can hold an incredible amount of liquid, allowing you to paint many strokes before reloading.

The 'detail brush', boasts a slim, long tip and incredibly sharp point which allows you to paint exquisite levels of detail while the body retains your paint.

Create fluid and varied line work by pressing the body down and lifting up to the tip. 

Tip: Keep a rag by your water and lightly dab off excess water, you want the water brush to be wet but not soaking. 

The brushes in these photos are my used samples, you will of course receive beautiful brand new brushes :) 

In stock, ready for immediate dispatch!

If you want to try out your paintbrushes with silk paper then my Chinoiserie Painting Starter Set is perfect for you!


- Watercolour paint

- Gouache paint

- Thin acrylic (wash brush immediately after and during each use)

- Inks

- Natural pigments


- Filling in large and small areas (Leaves, flowers, branches)

- Single stroke painting

- Gongbi painting

- Unconscious or freestyle painting (Like traditional Chinese brush painting)

- Line drawing

- Fine detail work

- Outlining 


- Natural Bamboo handle

- Paint and blending brush - Animal hair (Goat, deer, weasel)

- Detail brush - Animal hair (Weasel)


Paint & Blending Brush

- Length - 216mm / 8.5 inches

- Diameter of base - 9mm / 0.35 inches

- Brush head length - 25mm / 0.98 inches

- Brush head width - 7mm / 0.27 inches

Detail Brush

- Length - 216mm / 8.5 inches

- Diameter of base - 6mm / 0.24 inches

- Brush head length - 22mm / 0.87 inches

- Brush head width - 2-3mm / 0.08 - 0.1 inches


Proudly created in London...

Diane Hill is a modern Chinoiserie artist creating art for your home and life, making every day beautiful.