Get A Chinoiserie Wallpaper Panel Look With Framed Art Prints!

Get A Chinoiserie Wallpaper Panel Look With Framed Art Prints!


Step into my art studio and get a sneak peek behind the scenes! Earlier this year, I gave you an exclusive preview of my 'Faraway Land' Chinoiserie framed art collection, and I just can't contain my excitement! These stunning pieces are filled with colour and life, and I can't stop looking at them!


As you read through the blog post, you'll come across a link that'll take you to a fantastic overview my new collection. But before you dive into that, I'm excited to chat with you about the awesome new designs! Let's get started!


Chinoiserie framed art prints blue and white and pink chinoiserie in my art studio


Sleek and Minimal Framing Options

I've been experimenting with different framing options, and I am absolutely in love with the sleek minimal look of chinoiserie wallpaper panels. This sleek framing style pays homage to the elegant hand painted Chinese wallpapers from the 18th century. I believe that these art prints speak for themselves, so I've opted for a simple slim gold or black frame that allows the artwork to shine.


Chinoiserie framed gold art prints blue and white chinoiserie and pink chinoiserie


Classic Elegance: Blue and White Chinoiserie Panels


The timeless beauty of blue and white: When you bring these blue and white chinoiserie panels into your home, you're adding a touch of classic elegance that complements a variety of interiors. Blue is the world's most loved color because it evokes a sense of connection to the natural world, reminding us of the vast sky and calming sea. And let me tell you, I just can't get enough of blue—I use it extensively throughout my art!


Blue and white chinoiserie art prints classic grandmillennial style


Romantic and Organic: Pearly Gates Colourway


If you're looking for a soft, romantic touch with a natural and organic feel, then the "Pearly Gates" colorway is perfect for you. Its delicate ivory tones blend seamlessly into neutral interiors, allowing you to bring a piece of the outdoors inside.


Chinoiserie framed art print black frame neutral white light and green tones


Versatility in Size and Style


Choosing between 'Picture' and 'Panel' prints


What I find truly exciting about this collection is its versatility. It all started with just two large paintings, and from there, I've created an entire range of colours and sizes to ensure you have a wide selection to express yourself in a way that suits your home and available space.


If you have a small area to fill, an A3 size picture print would be ideal. For larger spaces, such as above a sofa or on a console or sideboard, consider a pair of A1 prints. And for those who desire the classic chinoiserie wallpaper panel look, you can choose either a single or pair of panel prints.


Chinoiserie blue and white framed art prints and pink chinoiserie


Transforming Spaces: From Standout Features to Bedside Artworks


My panel prints come in four sizes, allowing you to create a range of styles—from a striking feature wall to smaller bedside artworks. Imagine waking up to beauty as you gaze at your favourite chinoiserie panel print, complemented by a lamp, your treasured book, and a framed family photo.


Pink chinoiserie framed art


Choosing the right frame


The panel prints require a bespoke frame size and thankfully, many online stores offer bespoke frames and even send you samples in advance. I offer the panels framed up to size 18 x 38 inches, and for larger sizes, I provide canvas prints.


Framing a paper print in glass can be quite expensive, but with canvas prints, you have a durable option that doesn't require glass. To make it more affordable, you can have a large canvas print mounted onto a board and framed without glass—the perfect solution for my new dining area!


Set of two framed large chinoiserie bird and flower wall panels in blue dining room living room art


Adding a Touch of Luxury


Alternatively, you can stretch the canvas around a wooden frame and leave it unframed for a modern, minimalist look. If you prefer a touch of luxury, consider adding a floating frame to enhance the overall aesthetic.


To make your life easier, the pictures in this collection are available in easy-to-frame A sizes. You can find a wide range of lovely A size frames online, or if you prefer, I offer them fully framed and ready to hang on your wall!


I hope you've found something you love in this collection. If you'd like to know more, please don't hesitate to get in touch. And don't forget to sign up to keep up to date on the latest launches, collections, tips and tricks!


Shop the collection online here!

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