Silk Paper 3 Meter Length

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Silk paper for artists to paint delicate art like silk Chinoiserie wallpaper, Chinese artworks, botanical style paintings and so much more!

Take your art to the next level with my exquisite silk paper panels. Create stunning wallpaper designs, beautiful prints, or luxurious original paintings.

You will get a 3 meter panel of paper-backed silk, the exact same material I use to create my works of art and silk wallpapers, so can bring your own visions to life and let your creativity span the length of the panel (or cut into whatever size you'd prefer)!

This is silk fabric as you know it, but it's been specially treated for painting and backed with paper to create a perfectly smooth surface for you to paint on.

The silk paper is made by hand in small batches. Minor imperfections in the silk such as small marks or fibers are to be expected. 

Want to see silk paper in action? Take a look at my Silk Paper vs Watercolor video

If you want to try out your silk paper with chinoiserie paintbrushes then my Chinoiserie Painting Starter Set is perfect for you!


Each panel measures 100cm x 3m

The workable area is 95cm to allow for slight creasing around the edges

Perfectly smooth surface, no slubs, bumps or texture

Paint glides on creating a luxurious finish

Can build up layers and add fine details

Can be dyed with a thin watered-down coat of paint (one that does not move when wet, such as acrylic paint).

Can be used with a variety of paint types but I mostly love gouache and watercolour.

This surface can accept extremely watered-down paint.

Plan your design in advance and transfer to the silk when you are happy with the composition. If you rub out pencil lines on this silk, the rubber marks may be visible in some lights. 

Do not overhandle, grease from hands can cause the paint to resist the silk. 

Arrives to you rolled in a cardboard tube, please flatten by using a low heat iron, cover silk with paper to protect then leave to cool under heavy books.  



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Proudly created in London...

Diane Hill is a modern Chinoiserie artist creating art for your home and life, making every day beautiful.