'The Art of Marketing' eBook

A Guide To Growing Your Art Business Organically

Dreaming of making a (good) living selling your art? 

Imagine doing what you love every day. Imagine only working 30 hours a week, but making a six figure salary. Sounds almost too good to be true, right? But I promise you it is possible. And I know because I’ve done it…

Why I've Created This Guide

There is so much potential for you to live your dreams, you just need your art to be seen, and I'll show you how!

You'll discover all the steps I've taken to build my multi six figure business without paid ads.

I spent years by myself devouring podcasts and books, learning the art of marketing from the ground up, and now I'm sharing it all with you.

What You'll Learn

Whether you’re starting from scratch or ramping up existing production, this eBook will give you the knowledge and confidence to completely transform your life. 

Your Brand Personality

How to make your brand feel like YOU with colours, fonts, and style

Social Media Presence

How to build your social media presence through engaging video and photography 

Making The Sale

The process of launching an art collection and how to utilise email marketing to sell consistently 


Includes a printable workbook and checklist so you can plan and define your marketing system.

But It’s Easy If You’re Talented, Right? 

I so often hear, “But you do well because your art is beautiful!”

I know many artists who create the most incredible work, but they don’t have a marketing framework in place, so naturally they aren’t happy with their sales.

The answer lies in storytelling, connection and nurturing your community.

Take A Look Inside

This eBook contains 90 pages of organic marketing techniques, resources, and guidance! Here's a sample of what you'll learn...

Good things take time

Building my business has taken time. I waited five years before asking an agency to help with my website and six years before taking on an assistant.

Everything up until this point has been me, and me alone.

Believe me when I say that I understand how hard and overwhelming this all might seem. It can feel hugely lonely too. But, focus on the end result and know that you will get there. 

Looking For Answers?

The holy grail for any creative is to reach a place where you’re making consistent sales, month after month.

I'll teach you ways to sell on autopilot, with an email marketing system that works for you while you sleep!

I'll teach you how to grow your mailing list, nurture your subscribers and turn them into paying customers.

The Topics

  • Social media content creation (the right way)

  • How to get people on your email list

  • Effective email marketing - to make you money while you sleep

  • How to optimise your website to increase sales

  • The importance of branding

  • How to find out who your audience is

  • Simplified SEO

  • How to write inspiring product descriptions  

  • How to launch a collection

  • Styling and photography

  • All my apps and software

The (not so) scary world of SEO

Ever wondered what website optimisation, SEO, the customer journey and brand story mean?

I did too, but now I know!

Throughout this book, I demystify jargon so it’s easy to understand. 

Integrating Social Media 

You might be surprised to discover that it’s not all about social media! We’ll look at how to collect emails, create content, nurture subscribers and build web pages that get people to buy.

Plan Your System

Self-belief is one of the biggest factors holding back the art community.

I know insanely talented artists who don’t have the confidence to put themselves out there.

You don’t always need to be in front of the camera. Confidence comes with time, so be patient.

What’s most important is that you put a plan in place to market your work effectively. 

It's what's inside that counts!

This eBook is an easily digestible guide for organic marketing, written honestly and genuinely by me.

Because I set up solid foundations for my business, I’m able to live out my dream.

Now I’m sharing everything I’ve learnt, so you can have the same success (and get there quicker than I did)!