Maximalist Decor: Where Chinoiserie Patterns Take Center Stage

Maximalist Decor: Where Chinoiserie Patterns Take Center Stage

'Marsha' fabric and 'Isabella' wallpaper


What Is Maximalist Decor?


Maximalism is all about the celebration of excess! Think bold, artistic patterns eclectically mixed with layers of colours, textures, and meaningful objects that all come together to create a beautifully curated expression of your tastes and personality.


Turquoise maximalist bedroom featuring Diane Hill's award winning 'Florence' chinoiserie wallpaper

My maximalist turquoise chinoiserie bedroom


What I love most about maximalist interior designs is how unique and personal they are! This decor trend is perfect for those who really want their homes to be an extension of themselves and have some fun with their interiors!


Maximalist style home with ornamental globes of various sizes in front of Diane Hill's chinoiserie wallpaper design for Rebel Walls

Image by At Charlotte's House of her maximalist style home featuring my 'Chinoiserie Chic' wallpaper for Rebel Walls  


Where Did Maximalism Begin?


Maximalist interiors can be found throughout history, with the 18th Century experiencing a huge surge in this type of decor along with the rise of Chinoiserie wallpapers! Toward the end of the 1800’s, the Victorians wanted to show off their wealth by displaying their luxurious treasures, decors, and collections, and Brighton’s Royal Pavilion is a perfect example of this. 


Maximalist interior from Brighton's Royal Pavilion

Maximalist interior inside of Brighton Pavilion


Full of beautiful Chinoiserie wallpapers, ornate artworks and furniture, and even an entirely pink hallway and Grand Staircase, Brighton Pavilion is truly a maximalist heaven! I was lucky enough to go on a private tour earlier this year; you can read all about the amazing experience here!


Pink chinoiserie wallpaper and 3 large stained glass windows inside the maximalist grand staircase at Brighton PavilionThe Grand Staircase featuring pink chinoiserie wallpaper at Brighton Pavilion


This era is one of the main sources of inspiration for modern-day maximalism but it can be found even further back during the Baroque and Rococo periods with their elaborate and ornate styles of architecture, art, and design.


The Gold Room inside the Palace of Versaille

French-Baroque interior of 'The Gold Room' inside Marie Antoinette's private chambers at the Palace of Versaille - Image credit Chateau de Versaille


How You Can Get The Look 


Maximalist interiors are full of fun, colour, and really bring the ‘wow factor’, but it's essential to distinguish maximalist decor from clutter. 


Maximalist style dining room featuring Diane Hill's chinoiserie wallpaper design for Rebel Walls

Image by At Charlotte's House of her maximalist dining room featuring my 'Chinoiserie Chic' wallpaper for Rebel Walls 


A true maximalist space should be an organised chaos, where every item, though decorative, serves a purpose. Nothing is there by accident, making it a well-thought-out design choice.


Maximalist dining room featuring Diane Hill's chinoiserie wallpaper design for Rebel Walls

Maximalist style dining room by @preppybohemianathome featuring ‘Chinoiserie Chic’ wallpaper by Rebel Walls designed by Diane Hill


Some of the key elements that go into a maximalist decor style are… 

  • Mixed and contrasting patterns 
  • Bright, bold colours
  • Eye-catching wallpaper 
  • Layered fabrics and soft furnishings 
  • Ornate accents (like chandeliers or tasseled lamps)
  • Statement pieces


I am a colour and pattern lover through and through, I even created a pink and green maximalist bedroom for my daughter Bonnie!


    pink and green maximalist child's bedroom featuring green floral chinoiserie wallpaper and pink vintage furniture

    Bonnie's pink and green maximalist bedroom 


    I combined some beautiful contrasting floral patterned wallpapers from my Harlequin collection with some layered fabrics and tasseled lamps to bring her vision to life. You can take a look at the room in full here.


    Pink and green maximalist bedroom with green chinoiserie wallpaper and pink floral headboard

    Lady Alford wallpaper, Marsha fabric headboard, Ella and Lovelace cushions made to measure by Jane Clayton


    An easy way to ensure your design is cohesive whilst using layers of colours, patterns, and textures is to echo the main colours from the boldest statement in the room and use them on the soft furnishings. 


    Lifestyle image of a maximalist living room featuring Diane Hill's award winning 'Florence' wallpaper. Interior designed by Sophie Robinson

    Maximalist set designed by Sophie Robinson for the Ideal Home Show featuring my 'Florence' wallpaper


    Sophie Robinson's set for the Ideal Home Show is a perfect example of this! She used my Florence wallpaper and incorporated the darker blue, peachy orange, and blossom pink colours to use on the seating, soft furnishings, and lamp shades to create a vibrant and bright maximalist room without causing any clashes!


    Spreading Joy Through Pattern And Colour


    Sophie Robinson has also recently created a bold and beautiful collection of wallpapers, fabrics, and homewares which are a maximalist's dream!


    Pink maximalist style living room with floral wallpaper and a striped sofa designed by Sophie Robinson for Harlequin

    Maximalist wallpaper, fabrics, and homewares from the Sophie Robinson x Harlequin Collection


    I love this new collection so much as it not only matches my ethos of using colour and patterns to spread joy and happiness but it's also a collaboration with Harlequin! One of my favourite designs from the collection has to be Woodland Floral, and it looks absolutely gorgeous in Sophie's kitchen!


    Maximalist style kitchen with colourful cupboards and sideboards paired with floral maximalist wallpaper

    Image by Sophie Robinson of her maximalist kitchen


    Starting Small


    If you’re not quite ready to give up your minimalist-style home just yet, you can always start small with some colourful prints or a cushion covered in patterned fabric and work your way up to bigger and bolder visions. You may even end up transforming your entire home!


    lifestyle photo of set of 6 botanical chinoiserie prints by Diane Hill above a standalone bath in a muted mauve bathroom

    Art print's from my Botanical Collection. Image by Greg Penn @manwithahammer


     No matter how you decide to pursue this beautifully bold decor trend, the most important thing is to have fun with it! 


    Maximalist home decor. Set of dark wood draws with a lamp, candle, ornaments, and art print on top in front of green chinoiserie wallpaper.

     Image of maximalist home decor by Em Henderson featuring 'Chinoiserie Chic, Jade' wallpaper by Diane Hill for Rebel Walls


    For more home decor inspiration take a look at my blogs on chinoiserie decorating and grandmillennial style!


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