How to make a TV look beautiful in your home!

How to make a TV look beautiful in your home!

Worried that a TV is going to ruin your beautifully designed living room? 

This is a common cause for concern among us creative homeowners! You question where to put the TV so it doesn't dominate the room, how high or low and how big you should go!


Floral wallpaper mural with sky glass TV beautiful maximalist colourful living room

Florence wallpaper at the Ideal Home Show, March 2023. Room scheme by Sophie Robinson for Sky Glass.


A TV can totally look beautiful in any room!

Sophie Robinson, the queen of colourful interiors has teamed up with Sky Glass at the Ideal Home Show to show you how to display a TV in a luxurious, bright and bold living room. 


Sophie Robinson interior designer chose florence chinoiserie wallpaper for her stand at the ideal home showSophie Robinson pictured at the Ideal Home Show, 2023


Chinoiserie wallpaper for the modern interior!


Sophie chose my Florence Chinoiserie wall mural design as the star of the show!


Florence in sky blue is my absolute favourite design from my new Harlequin wallpaper collection. I wake up to it every morning as I covered all four walls of my bedroom in this dreamy wallpaper :)


Florence blue colourful chinoiserie floral wall mural at ideal home show LondonSophie combined my Florence wallpaper design with rich textures and colours for a bright, bold, maximalist look.


How to build a room scheme!


When I arrived at the Ideal Home show last week, Sophie's first words to me were...


"I picked the wallpaper first and designed the entire scheme around it!"


If you are new to designing interiors and worried how to put everything together, it's helpful to pick one strong element that you absolutely love and build around that. 


Create mood boards using paint colour swatches, wallpaper samples, textures and fabrics.  


Use a free app like Canva or Canvy to build your room set digitally, it makes it so much easier to make changes when you can see it all together!


Sophie Robinson creating mood boards for interior schemesSophie shares her digital scheming process on her Instagram, she calls it her 'fool proof way to ensure your scheme comes together beautifully'


Luxuriously maximalist! 


Sophie has cleverly picked out the teal, peach and pink tones from the wallpaper and echoed them around the room to create a beautiful sense of harmony.  


She's also used the Peacock's deep teal tones on the fireplace to break up the design and create a base for the TV to shine.


Florence Chinoiserie wallpaper with blue velvet teal sofaThe Florence wall mural looks perfectly at home here in Sophie's maximalist room scheme.


I love how Sophie has transformed this colourful living room, all while incorporating the beautiful Sky Glass TV.


The TV is a piece of art in itself, available in 5 different colours to complement your space, and no messy wires on display...hooray! 


Florence chinoiserie wallpaper in maximalist living room


This blog post is not an advert, though Sky provided me with these images of the Ideal Home Show and I just had to share them with you! 


Shop my magical Harlequin Chinoiserie wallpaper here, and sign up to WIN an original painting!

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