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The perfect brush to paint Chinoiserie art, Chinese art and Japanese art. With ultra soft, smooth bristles and a beautifully sharp tip. 

This is the 'detail brush', the slim, long tip and incredibly sharp point allows you to paint exquisite levels of detail while the body retains your paint, making it easier to paint for longer without reloading. 

Create fluid and varied line work by pressing the body down and lifting up to the tip. 

Tip: For incredibly sharp and fine lines use a paint consistency like single cream and dab off most of the excess paint, use the very tip of the brush only.

Chinoiserie art requires 2 x 'paint and blending brushes' as well as your detail brush.

Click here to purchase the set of 3 at a discounted price. 

The brush in this photo is my used sample, you will of course receive beautiful brand new brushes :)

In stock, ready for immediate dispatch!

If you want to try out your paintbrushes with silk paper then my Chinoiserie Painting Starter Set is perfect for you!


- Watercolour paint

- Gouache paint

- Thin acrylic (wash brush immediately after and during each use)

- Inks

- Natural pigments


- Fine detail work

- Outlining 

- Gongbi painting

- Line drawing


- Natural Bamboo handle

- Animal hair brush (Weasel)


- Length - 216mm / 8.5 inches

- Diameter of base - 6mm / 0.24 inches

- Brush head length - 22mm / 0.87 inches

- Brush head width - 2-3mm / 0.08 - 0.1 inches

Proudly created in London...

Diane Hill is a modern Chinoiserie artist creating art for your home and life, making every day beautiful.