Creating The Ultimate Chinoiserie Bedroom

Creating The Ultimate Chinoiserie Bedroom

Chinoiserie wall panels in the Knightsbridge townhouse


London Calling


A few years ago, I was commissioned by London-based clients, Tom Carey Design and Elemental Studio, to paint a beautiful chinoiserie bedroom mural for them in a stunning Knightsbridge townhouse.


Chinoiserie bedroom mural designed by Diane Hill in knightsbridge townhouse bedroom

Hand-painted Chinoiserie bedroom mural designed in Knightsbridge townhouse


What better way is there to relax at the end of a busy day than in your personal haven? On a mission to bring feelings of calm and serenity, I set out to create the perfect bedroom sanctuary.


Chinoiserie wardrobe and wall murals painted by hand by Diane Hill in a Knightsbridge townhouse bedroom

Knightsbridge townhouse bedroom with hand-painted chinoiserie wall murals


Getting Inspired


As I was going to be painting the mural directly onto wardrobe doors and wall panels, we used Japanese screens and antique paintings of cranes and willow trees as our inspiration.


Side by side photos of antique Japanese painting featuring cranes and hanging flowers

Antique Japanese paintings used as inspiration for the mural


Japanese art has always been one of my favourite artistic styles! The composition of the birds, the negative space, and the fluidity of the brush strokes used in the painting can really call in a sense of balance and ease; which is exactly what we wanted to bring into the space.


Initial sketch of the mural designs onto wardrobe doors by Diane Hill

 Initial sketches and design of wardrobe murals


I took the inspiration and sketched an initial design featuring cranes, peacocks, hanging flowers, butterflies, and blossoms that perfectly complement the room's space and the panels' dimensions, before starting work on the panels themselves!


Chinoiserie scene featuring cranes and flowers hand-painted by Diane Hill onto wardrobe doors

Chinoiserie scene inspired by Japanese paintings of cranes and flowers hand-painted by Diane Hill onto wardrobe doors


Making It Happen 


The client wanted a watercolour painterly effect, however, I was unable to use watercolour or gouache paints as I was painting directly onto wood. I needed to use something a little more robust such as acrylics!


Hand painted chinoiserie wardrobe mural by Diane Hill

Wardrobe with chinoiserie mural in the Knightsbridge townhouse


The wardrobe doors and panels were shipped to me to paint in my studio, where I could lay them flat and paint onto them using highly diluted acrylics in a watercolour style to keep that painterly effect intact!


Diane Hill painting the chinoiserie designs onto the wardrobe doors and wall panels

Diane Hill painting the chinoiserie design onto the wardrobe doors and wall panels


I painted with calm blues and pastel colours, with brighter pops for the details, to promote a sense of tranquility and peace. 


Up close photo of painting detail by Diane Hill on the hand painted wardrobe mural

Up close look at the detailed chinoiserie painting technique used by Diane Hill for the wardrobe mural


These colour combinations are frequently used in chinoiserie painting. They help to draw the eye to the focal point of the artwork, in this case, the birds and flowers, while also adding depth and dimension to the room.


Cranes hand-painted in the chinoiserie style by Diane Hill

Cranes hand-painted by Diane Hill onto wardrobe panels as part of the chinoiserie mural


Birds are a common feature in chinoiserie artwork, and they were one of the main inspiration points for this mural! I painted them at various heights and used a variety of brighter complementing colours to promote harmony and balance.


White hanging flowers and butterfly hand-painted in the chinoiserie style by Diane Hill

White hanging flower and butterfly details painted by Diane Hill onto the wardrobe doors


I filled the open spaces with intertwining branches, white hanging flowers, and flying butterflies, to help bring in a feeling of wonder and serenity. Each element is completely unique, but together they build a beautiful chinoiserie scene.


Chinoiserie wardrobe mural hand painted by Diane Hill

 Finished hand-painted chinoiserie wardrobe murals 


I loved the cranes, delicate blossoms, and soothing colour combinations that I featured in this design. It inspired me to create a chinoiserie art print, 'Elina', that exudes that same sense of tranquility and softness.


Elina chinoiserie art print by Diane Hill in a black frame

Framed chinoiserie art print 'Elina'


Finishing Touches 


I had a helping hand on this project from fellow artist, Nicky Pasterfield. She was able to take my hand-drawn designs, and recreate my painting style perfectly to finish the bed wall panels. I'm so happy she was able to help me on this!


Chinoiserie wall murals and panels hand painted Diane Hill for a client's townhouse bedroom

Chinoiserie wardrobe and wall panels in the Knightsbridge bedroom


The Artist’s Way


As my client was also an artist, it made complete sense for her to be literally surrounded by a painting and feel that she is living inside an artwork!


Shoes inside chinoiserie wardrobe painted by Diane Hill in Knightsbridge townhouse

A glimpse inside the hand-painted chinoiserie wardrobe


This is what makes hand painted murals so incredible! They can make the room decor completely unique, and can really help to express your personality through your interior styling. 


Knightsbridge townhouse bedroom complete with chinoiserie wall murals designed and painted by Diane Hill

Knightsbridge townhouse bedroom complete with their hand painted chinoiserie wall mural and wardrobe 


Got It Covered!


This project was one of my favourites to date, and I felt so proud when I found out that it had made the cover of The London Magazine! 


I can't thank photographer Matt Clayton enough for all of these beautiful images! He was truly able to capture the serenity of the chinoiserie scenes that I created for these wall panel and wardrobe murals.


Photo of the cover of The London Magazine featuring Diane Hill's hand painted chinoiserie bedroom murals

Cover of The London Magazine featuring chinoiserie bedroom murals in the Knightsbridge townhouse


Looking Back 


I loved it so much in fact, that it even inspired my exclusive ‘Japanese Crane And Wisteria Mountain Scene Original Painting’, and my ‘Elina’ art print and phone case, which I also named after the fabulous lady who commissioned me for this amazing project.


Diane Hill's original chinoiserie painting 'Japanese Crane And Wisteria Mountain Scene'

Japanese Crane And Wisteria Mountain Scene Original Painting


If you're wanting a smaller takeaway of this chinoiserie project, my 'Elina' phone case is perfect for you! 


Photograph of Diane Hill's chinoiserie phone case 'Elina'

'Elina' chinoiserie phone case


Creating a mural is an amazing way to bring the chinoiserie style into your home!


If you’d like to give this painting style ago sign up here to get instant access to my video tutorial where I teach you how to paint a chinoiserie blossom flower in just 60 seconds! 


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    This bedroom is just beautiful Diane. I love all your projects ❤️

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    This stunningly beautiful & tranquil bedroom, takes my breath away.
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    Absolutely stunning – quite possibly my favorite chinoiserie art of all time!

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    What a dream to be able to step into this beautiful world.

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    Joanne Coldwell: August 05, 2023

    Tranquil, Beautiful, how amazing to wake up to that every day – you are so talented x

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    Breathtaking, inspirational, Thank You Diane.

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    Absolutely beautiful x

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