Top 5 Chinoiserie Home Decor Ideas

lifestyle photo of green chinoiserie living room featuring diane hill's fabrics and wallpaper

Florence wallpaper and fabrics on soft furnishings from the Diane Hill x Harlequin collection


Make It Timeless


Chinoiserie is a timeless style and an amazing way to bring a feel of luxury, art, and wonder into the home.


A perfect mix of the East and West, this design style is growing increasingly popular (looking at you, grandmillennial!), and with so many ways to decorate with this style, giving your home a chinoiserie makeover has never been easier.


If you've ever wanted to explore this home decor trend, then these five ideas are perfect for you!


Lifestyle photo of blue and white chinoiserie bedroom featuring fabrics and wallpaper by diane hill


1. Hand Painted Wall Murals


Hand-painted wall murals are a unique and uber-luxurious way to bring Chinoiserie decor into the home! They create an eye-grabbing statement or feature wall, and as most chinoiserie murals are bespoke, they can be incredibly personal and one-of-a-kind! (plus they are really fun to paint!)


This is a great way to show a bit of your personality through your home; choosing colours, landscapes, and elements that you love and that represent the feelings you want to evoke in a space.


Hand-painted chinoiserie blossom flower mural by diane hill in a bedroom

 Diane Hill's hand-painted chinoiserie blossom flower mural


2. Wallpaper


If you're looking for something a little more affordable, easy, and quick to achieve, but still want to bring the 'wow factor' into your space, then chinoiserie wallpaper is the perfect solution!


Available in a huge variety of colours, designs, and styles, they can really bring a deluxe and worldly feel into the room. I love matching the rest of my interior styling to my wallpaper - it helps to bring the room together and can also help guide you if you get stuck with your redecorating!


Diane Hill's 'Florence' chinoiserie wallpaper in a lifestyle living room photo

Florence Wallpaper - Fig Blossom/Apple/Peony


3. Wall Panels


Sometimes wallpaper and murals can be a bit too much of a commitment, but getting that same look with a little less permanence is easy! Chinoiserie wall panels come in a variety of sizes and can really fill the wall space, just like wallpaper.


'Euphoria' set of two chinoiserie wall panels by diane hill

'Euphoria' set of two chinoiserie wall panels


You can add even more of a personal touch by choosing (or even making!) a frame that fits the design and the rest of your home. This is a great way to elevate the look and feel of the room!


'Euphoria' chinoiserie wall panel print by diane hill photographed in her dining room behind decorated dining table

'Euphoria' framed wall panel print in Diane Hill's dining room


4. Prints & Paintings


Another way to bring some chinoiserie style into your home is by decorating your walls with chinoiserie paintings and art prints. There are so many beautiful design elements to choose from, making it super easy to find a print or painting that matches your decor.


'Okyo' framed chinoiserie art print by Diane Hill in lifestyle photo

'Okyo' framed chinoiserie art print


If you wanted to add a little bit more opulence to your walls, pick a painting or print that has a gold leaf background, or pair it with a beautiful gold frame!


Gold framed set of two chinoiserie prints by diane hill in a lifestyle photo
 'Chloe' set of two gold chinoiserie framed prints 


5. Soft Furnishings


If you prefer something a little more subtle, try experimenting with some chinoiserie curtains or cushions. This is a great way to add that touch of chinoiserie chic and elegance to the room, plus, they can be moved around the house to freshen things up again, and again.


living room photo featuring blinds and curtains in Diane Hill's chinoiserie fabrics'Marie' fabric curtains and 'Lady Alford' fabric blinds


To make things a little cozier, chinoiserie bedding is a perfect choice. You can really go all out with something like this, adding matching cushions and throws to create a bed that's so beautiful and inviting you won't want to get out of it!



Green chinoiserie room featuring furnishings and wallpaper by Diane Hill's

'Lady Alford' wallpaper and fabrics on soft furnishings from the Diane Hill x Harlequin Collection


Where To Begin?


Decorating can be a bit of a tricky process, especially when working with bold colours and mixed prints! 


When I was decorating my daughter Bonnie's bedroom, I found it much easier to visualise the final result after creating a digital rendering.


digital rendering of chinoiserie room designed by Diane Hill

Digital rendering of Bonnie's green chinoiserie bedroom


This is super easy to do, and you can do it too by using apps like Photoshop or Canva.


I've used this method when decorating some of the other rooms in my house as it's much clearer to put things together when you have a clear view in front of you. Plus, you can have a bit of fun moving things around without the heavy lifting!



side by side photo of before and after of rendered image vs final result of diane hill's chinoiserie home decor

Before and after digital renderings of my chinoiserie decor in my living room


side by side photo of digital rendering vs end result of diane hill's chinoiserie home decor Before and after digital renderings of my chinoiserie wallpaper in my bedroom



There are so many ways you can bring chinoiserie decor into your home; the possibilities really are limitless!


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    Diane – not something that happens often, but something about your artwork makes my heart sing! It’s simply beautiful. x

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    Diane – not only are you an exceptionally talented painter but you are an exceptionally talented interior designer as well!

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