A Guide To The Grandmillenial Design Trend

Grandmillenial style living room with vintage furniture and flowers by Brownlow Interiors featuring Diane Hill's 'Florence' chinoiserie wallpaper
‘Florence’ wallpaper styled and photographed by Brownlow Interiors


What Is Grandmillennial Style? 


Grandmillennial (also known as granny-chic) is a design trend that has been adopted by the Millennial generation as an ode to the decor that they grew up with as children. 


Full of more ‘traditional’ pieces such as floral chinoiserie prints, china plates, and mixed-patterned soft furnishings, this style is the polar opposite of the popular Scandinavian minimalist look. 


What I love most about the ‘Grandmillennial’ look is how it can really make your home feel elevated, luxurious, and beautiful! What better way to style your home than with a timeless and magnificent interior design style.


'Grandmillennial' style dining room by blogger 'preppy bohemian at home' featuring chinoiserie chic wallpaper from Rebel Walls by Diane HillImage by @preppybohemianathome featuring ‘Chinoiserie Chic’ wallpaper by Rebel Walls designed by Diane Hill


Get The Look:


There are so many simple ways to bring this interior decorating style into your home, here are some of my favourites…


Floral Chinoiserie Wallpaper


Chinoiserie wallpaper with repetitive floral patterns is a perfect fit for the Grandmillennial style. You can pair this with simple, sleek, light furniture for a more modern take on the trend, or go all out with some beautiful and ornate vintage pieces! 


Side by side images of 'Florence' chinoiserie wallpaper by Diane Hill photographed and styled by blogger 'At Home With Ashley'Left: 'Florence' chinoiserie wallpaper by Diane Hill photographed and styled by blogger 'At Home With Ashley'. Right: ‘At Home With Ashley’ adding finishing touches to her mantlepiece featuring ‘Florence’ wallpaper by Diane Hill


Bold Patterned Soft Furnishings


Decorating your sofa or windows with beautiful bold patterns can help to bring the room to life and infuse it with a sense of grandeur and ‘past-times’. You can play with the colour-ways and opt for dainty blue and white combinations (a classic choice!) or try out some more playful colours like bold yellows or greens. 


Lifestyle photograph of chinoiserie living room featuring 'Marie' and 'Lovelace' fabrics by Diane Hill and Harlequin on soft furnishings'Marie' fabric on chair, 'Lovelace' fabric in yellow on pouffe stool.


Antique Tableware


Giving your tableware a little bit of love can tie everything together and add those charming final touches. Having a matching set is the key to this look (although I do love a mix-and-match china tea set!) and really encapsulates the vintage feel that comes with the Grandmillennial interior design trend. 


Dining table with blue and white chinoiserie tableware in front of Diane Hill's 'Florence' framed wallpaper panels

Diane Hill's blue and white table accessories in her dining room, featuring 'Euphoria' chinoiserie wall art panels




Tassels immediately add that granny-chic feel to your home decor. Giving your cushions or lampshades a tassel trim is a beautiful and easy way to bring in some more luxurious Grandmillennial style (and you can even DIY it!)


Side by side images of vintage looking lampshades with chinoiserie fabric by Diane Hill and tassels made by Beauvamp Lighting

Left: Vintage style lamp featuring my ‘Lady Alford' fabric and tassels custom made by Beauvamp Lighting. Right: Hanging lampshade featuring my ‘Lady Alford’ fabric and tassels custom made by Beauvamp Lighting


Get Inspired!


If this is your kind of style then make sure you check out The Haverhill Home on Instagram for some gorgeous Grandmillennial inspiration…


Instagram screengrab of Grandmillennial style bathroom by blogger @haverhillhomeGrandmillennial style bathroom via The Haverhill Home. Designed by Tiffany McKinzie


Instagram screenshot of colourful grandmillennial style bedroom with a red doo by blogger @haverhillhome 

Colourful Grandmillennial stlye room via The Haverhill Home. Designed by Alison Kandler, photographed by Bret Gum



Rebel Walls Sneak Peek...


A few years ago I collaborated with Rebel Walls to design for them this ‘Chinoiserie Chic’ wallpaper which fits in perfectly with Grandmillennial decor! 


I love seeing how everyone styles this wallpaper in their home and I can't wait to share the full details with you! But for now, here are some of my favourite Grandmillennial interior stylings…


Grandmillenial style nursery room with a green mirror on a wall containing 'Chinoiserie Chic' wallpaper by Rebel Walls designed by Diane Hill. Room contains white vintage furniture and a powder pink door.

Grandmillenial style nursery featuring ‘Chinoiserie Chic’ wallpaper designed by Diane Hill for Rebel Walls. Photographed by Lisa Mitchel for Ashley Obradovits and Karr Bick Design 


Grandmillennial style bedroom featuring Diane Hill's 'Chinoiserie Chic' wallpaper for Rebel Walls and a white bed with two dogs

Grandmillennial style bedroom by Renee Cusano featuring Rebel Walls wallpaper designed by Diane Hill


More Home Decor Ideas


If this is your kind of style then make sure you take a look at Lily Allen’s maximalist house! Her home is full of stunning antique furniture, floral wallpaper, and botanical chinoiserie artwork - it’s a chinoiserie chic dream! 


Lily Allen in her maximalist chinoiserie home

Lily Allen and David Harbour in their 'garden room' - Image credit Architectural Digest, photography by Simon Watson, styling by Mieke ten Have


I’ve always been a lover of ‘vintage’ and ‘Grandmillennial’ decor styles. I’ve even decorated, (and then re-decorated!), most of the rooms in my home into extraordinary chinoiserie maximalist havens! Take a look here


Diane Hill's 'Florence' wallpaper featured in her bedroom

'Florence' wallpaper in Diane Hill's chinoiserie bedroom


The Grandmillennial look is something that can personalised and adapted to your individual taste easily! 
You can adopt this interior design trend in as many big or small ways as you like.


What do you think of the Grandmillennial style? Is this something you could see yourself embracing?


For more home decor ideas check out my blog on chinoiserie decorating, and make sure you sign up to receive all the latest home decor tips and tricks AND be in with a chance of winning your own custom original chinoiserie painting!


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