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Learn how to paint Chinoiserie art yourself with the starter set!

This set includes the materials I use to create my own artworks, you'll get my curated set of Chinese brushes and 4 sheets of high quality silk paper.

If you've fallen in love with those stunning handmade Chinoiserie wallpapers and would love to create your own, you're in the right place and my goal is to help you make that happen. 

I've carefully selected these materials to help you get started :)

The Chinese paint brushes are meticulously hand crafted by master artisans and are truly exquisite. They're made with amazingly soft bristles and form a sharp tip, perfect for painting luxuriously smooth strokes and exquisite levels of detail. 

The silk paper has been specially treated for painting, and backed with paper to create a perfectly smooth surface for you to paint on.

Follow the steps in my E-book whilst using your brushes and silk and you'll be on your way to creating high level art to truly impress!

Learn more about the brushes here.

Want to see silk paper in action? Take a look at my Silk Paper vs Watercolor video


1 x Chinoiserie Detail Brush 

2 x Chinoiserie Paint & Blend Brushes

4 x Sheets Of Silk Paper


Each sheet measures 25 x 35cm

Perfectly smooth surface, no slubs, bumps or texture

Paint glides on creating a luxurious finish

Can build up layers and add fine details

Can be dyed with a thin watered down coat of paint (one that does not move when wet, such as acrylic paint).

Can be used with a variety of paint types but I mostly love gouache and watercolour.

This surface can accept extremely watered down paint.

Plan your design in advance and transfer to the silk when you are happy with the composition. If you rub out pencil lines on this silk, the rubber marks may be visible in some lights. 

Do not over handle, grease from hands can cause the paint to resist the silk. 

Silk colour is off white, slightly creamy in colour.

The silk paper is made by hand in small batches. Minor imperfections in the silk such as small marks or fibres are to be expected. 

Arrives to you rolled in a cardboard tube, please flatten by using a low heat iron, cover silk with paper to protect then leave to cool under heavy books. 



- Natural Bamboo handle

- Paint and blending brush - Animal hair (Goat, deer, weasel)

- Detail brush - Animal hair (Weasel)


Works With:

- Watercolour paint

- Gouache paint

- Thin acrylic (wash brush immediately after and during each use)

- Inks

- Natural pigments



- Filling in large and small areas (Leaves, flowers, branches)

- Single stroke painting

- Gongbi painting

- Unconscious or freestyle painting (Like traditional Chinese brush painting)

- Line drawing

- Fine detail work

- Outlining 


Size Information:

Paint & Blending Brush

- Length - 216mm / 8.5 inches

- Diameter of base - 9mm / 0.35 inches

- Brush head length - 25mm / 0.98 inches

- Brush head width - 7mm / 0.27 inches

Detail Brush

- Length - 216mm / 8.5 inches

- Diameter of base - 6mm / 0.24 inches

- Brush head length - 22mm / 0.87 inches

- Brush head width - 2-3mm / 0.08 - 0.1 inches



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