Exclusive Preview: Two New Chinoiserie Wall Prints!

Set of two chinoiserie wall prints soft dusky pink and white


Timeless chinoiserie chic designed with you in mind


It's been an exciting few weeks in the studio. As I write this, vibrant print samples surround me, filling my heart with so much joy. I can hardly contain my excitement about the upcoming launch of two large chinoiserie wall panels, perfect for achieving that timeless chinoiserie chic aesthetic.


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Without further ado, here's your exclusive sneak preview of what's to come, along with a glimpse into my inspiration.

 Blue and white chinoiserie set of two Chinoiserie wall prints as wallpaper style panels


Blue and white chinoiserie 


When it comes to capturing the essence of the classic grandmillennial decor style, few things embody it as authentically as blue and white chinoiserie. This magical colour way is named "Aurora" after the whimsical and enchanting worlds we come to know and love in the stories we read as children.


My inspiration - The Magical Faraway Lands of Children's Books


When I was just a 10-year-old dreamer, the whimsical and wondrous faraway lands that existed in the books I read really lit me up.


These magical lands still fill my heart today and have inspired my newest artworks.


 Chinoiserie painting process of the faraway tree art panels


Inspired colours for personal expression 


The process of sampling and designing colour ways is one that I carefully deliberate over (in fact, my perfectionism gets the better of me here!)


Drawing inspiration from your past purchases and infusing them with the most enchanting colour combinations I can imagine, I have created chinoiserie art prints that I consider to be my finest to date.


These pieces offer a wide range of options in terms of size and colour, allowing you to truly express yourself and find the perfect fit for your space.


Chinoiserie art print giclee archival paper quality close up 


Detailed art prints capturing every brush stroke


Below is a detail of an art print, meticulously reproduced to capture every brush stroke and detail from the original hand paintings. Each print is a perfect replica, allowing you to admire the artwork as if you were viewing the original masterpiece.


Chinoiserie peony painting art print paper close up look at brushstrokes


A Journey of Love and Wonder Coming Soon


These paintings have been a labour of love for the past 8 months. I remember the day I picked up my paintbrush to begin this journey (watch here!) —I felt a deep sense of contentment and fulfilment. And now, I'm almost ready to share them with you, my cherished community.


 Stay tuned for more updates, as these images capture the essence of wonder and bring a touch of magic into our lives.


 From elegant tall panels that embody traditional chinoiserie chic to easily frameable A sizes, the options are abundant. And there's even more enchanting colour ways yet to be revealed, I'll leave you with my personal favourite...


Pink chinoiserie wallpaper style panels


Pink chinoiserie set of two art prints


Can't wait to show you more soon!


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  • Author image
    Priti Rawtoo: May 19, 2023

    Such a wonderful art and love the strokes! :) Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts!

  • Author image
    Sarah: May 19, 2023

    Congratulations Diane what stunning additions to your range.I adore them all!.

  • Author image
    Emma: May 18, 2023

    Wow, just stunning as always! I remember the Magic Faraway Tree too and spookily was thinking about it just the other day trying to remember the story as it’s too many years and literally half a world away in NZ!

  • Author image
    Kerstin Rao: May 18, 2023

    What a lovely update! Truly inspiring work. I’m looking forward to your emails to artists, as well. Bravo!

  • Author image
    Susan: May 18, 2023

    Absolutely stunning,i love the green design.

  • Author image
    Jenae Cruz : May 18, 2023

    I am SO excited!!! This is truly what I’ve been waiting for!!

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