Here's how you can WIN an original painting!

Here's how you can WIN an original painting!


Read on to find out how you could own one of my paintings for free!

I'm guessing you adore Chinoiserie art, particularly the hand painted wallpaper kind, but isn't that price tag a lot less adorable!?

This stunning Chinoiserie wall mural was originally painted by me and has been transformed into a printed wallpaper by Harlequin. If you're on the look out, it's much more affordable than the hand-painted types!


Affordable chinoiserie wallpaper mural on a roll Harlequin Diane Hill

Brownlow interiors showroom featuring my Florence Chinese wallpaper mural - Image courtesy of Brownlow Interiors - £329 per roll


I really understand the heart ache of seeing something you love, want and need but then it's totally out of budget.

Not only do I offer my original paintings as affordable art prints, but I'm also giving every single one of you the chance to win a custom original Chinoiserie painting!

Each winner gets to choose their own colours to match their home interior.

My first ever winner, Joanna Rehbein chose a butterfly and branch combination, with neutrals, dark greens, blush pinks and gold details. I just love the final result! 


What colour combination would you choose!?


Chinoiserie original painting on silk My first ever winners painting, December 2023 draw. Artwork on silk paper using watercolour gouache.


This is not just a one off, this prize will be given out 4 times a year!

And for as long as you remain a subscriber, you will be entered into the ongoing draw.

I know it's the craziest offer and I'll explain why. I really want to give something back to you for becoming a subscriber. I want my offering to have meaning and to spark community, sharing the results of these custom artworks will be a great way to achieve this.

I feel privileged when new subscribers join my list, which is why I want to say thank you in a heartfelt way. 

And you'll also get exclusive secret offers and early access to new launches. 


Gallery wall of Chinoiserie framed wall artMy gallery wall of Chinoiserie art prints in my home living room


You could be a future winner if you sign up to my emails today. The draws happen in March, June, September and December. 

Here's what to expect from me after signing up:

- You'll immediately receive a welcome email which gives you more details about the prize draw. 

- You'll then receive a short welcome series a few days apart, just to introduce myself and tell you more about my creative business. 

- And going forward you'll receive one email per week on a Thursday, with a few additional emails when something really good is happening! 


Sign up today and get in touch if you'd like to chat!

Lots of love,

Diane x


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