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If you’ve got the dream and are ready to share your art with the world, but just don’t know where to start, this step by step guide has all the answers. Bursting with knowledge and top tips, information and insights, it explains how I grew my business from zero to six figures.

Including social media content and website creation, communication plans, emails and branding, everything I’ve learnt is contained within this book. I’ve shared lots of practical suggestions too, such as how to find out who your audience really is and the best way to fulfil a collection – basically, if you want to sell your art, this book tells you how to make it happen. 

I know that starting a business from scratch is hard (and actually pretty scary), but I’ve done it and you can too. 

BONUS - You'll also get a beautiful workbook and checklist!


  • Social media content creation (the right way)
  • How to get people on your email list
  • Effective email marketing - to make you money while you sleep
  • How to optimise your website to increase sales 
  • The importance of branding 
  • How to find out who your audience is 
  • Simplified SEO
  • How to write inspiring product descriptions 
  • How to launch a collection 
  • Styling and photography
  • All my apps and software
  • BONUS -  Workbook and checklist!


Just a note, this eBook won't guide you through setting up each system mentioned, as it varies depending on your website and email providers. What it will give you is a clear plan of action that you'll implement with your platforms guidance.

Are the techniques in this ebook relevant worldwide?

Yes, absolutely! The e-commerce landscape for art sales knows no borders, making these techniques universally applicable.

Will this ebook benefit me if I'm not specifically running an art business?

Certainly! While crafted with artists in mind, this ebook's strategies are adaptable to any creative industry and most small businesses.

Can this ebook be downloaded on any device?

Yes you can download the ebook to your phone, desktop and tablet!

Will the ebook provide guidance on setting up every software or program?

No, this eBook won't guide you through setting up each system mentioned, as it varies depending on your website and email providers. What it will give you is a clear plan of action that you'll implement with your platforms guidance.

What if I'm unhappy with the book? Is there a refund policy?

I'm genuinely confident in this book's transformative potential. However, if you're dissatisfied with the content, please reach out. Your feedback will help me address any concerns and strive for improvement.

Are there any additional costs beyond the ebook?

No, this book equips you with comprehensive insights to kickstart or expand your art business. However, note that some mentioned programs, such as your website and additional apps or software, may involve charges.

Having trouble opening the eBook file?

Try using a different browser such as Google Chrome or another device, as some browsers/devices can be unreliable. If you still can't access it, please contact us for assistance.

Is there a way to translate the eBook into a different language?

The eBook is currently only available in English, but there are a number of tools available to translate the eBook such as Canva PDF Translator and DeepL Translations

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