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Silk paper for artists to paint delicate art like silk Chinoiserie wallpaper, Chinese artworks, botanical style paintings and so much more!

Take your art to the next level with my exquisite silk paper. Create stunning techniques, from washes and paint effects, to ultra fine detailed artwork.

You will get a pack of 4 sheets of paper backed silk, the exact same material I use to create my works of art and silk wallpapers.

This is silk fabric as you know it, but it's been specially treated for painting, and backed with paper to create a perfectly smooth surface for you to paint on.

Silk colour is off white, slightly creamy in colour. If you are a regular customer, this batch is slightly lighter in tone than the previous batches.

The silk paper is made by hand in small batches. Minor imperfections in the silk such as small marks or fibres are to be expected. 

If you want to try out your silk paper with chinoiserie paintbrushes then my Chinoiserie Painting Starter Set is perfect for you!


Each sheet measures 25 x 35cm

Perfectly smooth surface, no slubs, bumps or texture

Paint glides on creating a luxurious finish

Can build up layers and add fine details

Can be dyed with a thin watered down coat of paint (one that does not move when wet, such as acrylic paint).

Can be used with a variety of paint types but I mostly love gouache and watercolour.

This surface can accept extremely watered down paint.

Plan your design in advance and transfer to the silk when you are happy with the composition. If you rub out pencil lines on this silk, the rubber marks may be visible in some lights. 

Do not over handle, grease from hands can cause the paint to resist the silk. 

Arrives to you rolled in a cardboard tube, please flatten by using a low heat iron, cover silk with paper to protect then leave to cool under heavy books. 



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Returns are accepted, buyer is responsible for the return cost and the paper sheets must be in perfect condition.

Why are the silk sheets now smaller than before?

Due to packaging constraints and damage during transit I have had to reduce the size of the silk sheets slightly. 

Can I get a sample before investing?

I am sorry that at this time it is not feasible. I provide several silk offcuts with every order so you can test your paints and techniques before approaching the full sheets.

Will Silk paper always be on a pre order system?

This is not the plan, I decided to launch for a second time on a pre order system because I made some changes to the shipping costs. If all goes well and the demand is still high, I will begin to stock the silk paper.

Why is it on such a long pre order?

I really want to help artists as I know that silk paper is not available to source at retail elsewhere. However it is a very expensive material that I purchase in large quantities from China, therefore I need to collect payment before I make the order. As it is so new I will also need an idea of how much to purchase, so a pre order system really helps. 

I am too nervous to paint on it! What if it goes wrong?

I would advise planning out your design in light pencil first, start with your lighter base coats and don't worry if they don't look perfect. The first 3/4 of my paintings look quite rough, then in the last 1/4 it all comes to life!

Can I get painting advice from you?

I will help when I am able and will answer common questions via social media posts. But sadly I will not be on hand to give painting or technique advice. I hope that the videos on my instagram account will be enough to inspire you. Additionally I have a real-time 2 hour video on you tube that has helped many people. 

Can I send it back if I don't like it?

The silk is non refundable unless damaged in transit

Why is my delivery taking forever?

Some international shipments can be subject to delays, although your shipment is expected within 10 working days, please wait at least 6 weeks before contacting.

Do you have a tracking number?

I now provide tracking numbers for all international shipments. US shipments will be sent via DHL express, which is fully tracked and fast! The rest of the world will be sent via Royal Mail International tracked. UK customers will not recieve a tracking number, but the package is tracked and recorded on delivery/attempted delivery. 

I can see little marks under the silk, is this normal?

Silk is a natural product and paper backed silk is made completely by hand. Minor imperfections are to be expected and cannot be avoided, such as tiny marks or small fibres.

Do you sell other colours?

I do not currently offer any other colours, however you can dye this yourself using a very light wash of acrylic paint. I take a wide 15cm brush and brush on a light mix of a very small amount of acrylic paint and lots of water. Start very lightly as you can dry it and go over it again to deepen the tone. Test the tone on a regular piece of paper in advance. 

Do you sell other sizes?

Currently not. In future I hope to expand this range.

I want to paint my own Chinoiserie wallpaper, will you offer wallpaper panels?

If the response to these sheets is strong then I would consider expanding the range to include full panels of silk.

What can I do with these small sheets?

I created a set of 6 botanical artworks using silk pieces this size, I had them scanned at 600dpi and turned into limited edition art prints in small and large sizes. The collection sold out and turned a huge profit. The sky's the limit!  

Proudly created in London...

Diane Hill is a modern Chinoiserie artist creating art for your home and life, making every day beautiful.