Up close photo of Diane Hill painting the details of a chinoiserie flower as part of her wallpaper design on silk paper

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Diane Hill dipping a paintbrush into a small ramekin of blue paint

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2023 is all about preparing to share my skills with other artists.

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Welcome to my wonderful world of Chinoiserie!

I'm Diane, a London based artist obsessed with Chinoiserie art. I spend my days painting pretty things, and love to share the process with you through video.

I transform my original silk paintings into products that you can take away and enjoy.

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diane hill in her blue botanical chinoiserie bedroom

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diane hill in artist studio with chinoiserie butterfly paintings and botanical wall art prints

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Chinoiserie artist Diane Hill sits on a sofa with a friend, holding a framed chinoiserie art print

From me, to you

I love the impact that a beautiful print can have on a room. It changes the whole feeling and atmosphere of a space, and can have a really positive impact on people which is exactly what I hope to achieve through my art. My aim is to bring the endlessly joyful nature of Chinoiserie to your life so that you too can enjoy its magical, whimsical charm. Really, though, I just love to paint – and I love to share my art with those who enjoy it. Whether you’re a budding artist, a designer or an interiors lover; whatever your passion… never give up on it. Make every day beautiful.

Diane Hill's hands holding a paintbrush, painting on the details of a chinoiserie flower in one of her floral paintings

The process

I use a mixture of Chinese and European brushes, and a type of watercolour paint called Gouache. All my originals are painted onto paper backed silk. It is silk fabric as you know it, but it's been specially treated and backed with rice paper to enable me to paint beautiful crisp details and smooth gradients. Once my paintings are complete I have them digitised using a specialist precision scanner, which creates a perfect reproduction of the original painting, including the soft texture of the woven silk and every fine brush stroke.

Chinoiserie artist Diane Hill at home in her London studio painting bamboo leaves by hand

The next chapter...

With some incredible collaborations on the horizon, the journey I’m on continues to outstrip my wildest dreams. For me, it’s all about creating more and more ways to make the incredible art form of Chinoiserie accessible for you – so that you can enjoy it in your home, every single day. Whatever the future holds, I hope you’ll join me for the ride!