Regencycore: Bridgerton-Inspired Home Decor Ideas

Regencycore: Bridgerton-Inspired Home Decor Ideas

Wearing my blue chinoiserie dress designed for Hill House Home in my Bridgertonesque living room 


'Regencycore' Home Decor 


As fans of the hit series Bridgerton, we can't help but swoon over the opulent and enchanting Regency-era decor that adorns the homes of our favourite characters. From the lavish ballrooms of the ton to the refined elegance of the Bridgerton family residence, the allure of this bygone era has captured our imaginations and inspired us to bring a touch of Regency core glamour into our own homes.


Blue and white chinoiserie decor living room
My Regency style chinoiserie living room featuring wallpaper and fabrics from my Harlequin collection. Image credit:  Brent Darby for Hearst Magazines UK
Blue and white elegant living room with white fireplace and chinoiserie ginger jars, vases and wall art
My Regency style chinoiserie living room. Image credit:  Brent Darby for Hearst Magazines UK

In this blog post, we'll explore how you can infuse your home decor with Bridgerton style, focusing on incorporating chinoiserie wallpaper and art pieces inspired by the show's iconic settings. Discover how my unique, handcrafted chinoiserie art can add a sense of timeless sophistication and charm to your living spaces, transporting you to the captivating world of Bridgerton.

The Bridgerton family in their Regency parlour room

The Bridgerton family in their Regency parlour room


Michelle Ogundehin, a top interiors editor and TV presenter calls this style 'Neo Regency' and has described it as 'ridiculously pretty'! While we adore the grandeur of this classic style, let's explore how we can put a contemporary spin on it, tailoring the elegance to suit our modern homes. 


1. Statement Chinoiserie Wallpaper


Chinoiserie Wallpapers, known for their elegance and charm, capture the essence of antique designs, making them perfect for creating a Regency-inspired atmosphere in your home. Featuring motifs such as fruits, flowers, and birds, these wallpapers become eye-catching focal points, elevating your living space with a timeless and sophisticated appeal that reflects the refined aesthetics of the Regency era.


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chinoiserie wallpaper featuring cranes, trees, and flowers in regencycore style room

'Florence' chinoiserie wallpaper in Regency style living room


If you want to keep things delicate and elegant, then a repeating floral pattern in soft pastel colours will work well, but if you want to add a bit more of a 'wow' factor then opting for a bolder print with a strong feature like birds or fruit in brighter colours will certainly grab Lady Whistledown's attention!


Blue and white chinoiserie wallpaper in regencycore style bedroom

Elegant Regencycore style bedroom featuring 'Lady Alford' wallpaper 


2. Luxurious Vases and Jars


Blue and white chinoiserie ginger jars and vases have been popular in luxurious homes for centuries due to their intricate designs and elegant appeal. Originating from China, these porcelain pieces often feature beautiful floral motifs and detailed patterns. The timeless blue and white color combination allows them to blend seamlessly into various interior styles.

Incorporating them into your home will not only add a touch of sophistication but also capture the charm and elegance of the Regency period, creating a stylish and timeless living space.


blue and white chinoiserie jars in front of pink and blue chinoiserie wall art panel

Blue and white ginger jars by The Nine Schools


3. Enchanting Curtains


Dress your windows with sumptuous curtains to add a touch of mystery and romance. This can help transform your home into a serene retreat, just like the intimate drawing rooms seen in Bridgerton!


Floral chinoiserie fabrics can add an extra layer of sophistication, and can be paired with sheer voiles for a draped and layered look.


draped chinoiserie curtains in regency style home

'Lady Alford' and 'Emmeline' fabric used to create draped and layered curtains


4. Elegant Lighting and Lampshades


Elegant lighting options, such as lampshades with tassels and trims, are making a comeback as part of the "Granny Chic" or "Grandmillenial" trend. These charming accents, reminiscent of the Regency era, appeal to Bridgerton fans and can create a soft, warm glow in your bedroom. By incorporating these timeless, vintage-inspired pieces into your home, you can infuse your living space with the nostalgic elegance of bygone eras.


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vintage tassel lamp in front of blue chinoiserie wallpaper featuring peacock, flowers, and butterflies

'Silk Tiffany' Lampshade by Beauvamp in my chinoiserie bedroom 


regency style lampshade with bright chinoiserie fabric

Beauvamp lampshade made using my 'Lady Alford' chinoiserie fabric


Picture the soft glow illuminating your space, reminiscent of evening gatherings and balls at the Bridgerton estate.  


regency style chinoiserie bedroom with vintage tassel lamp and maximalist decor

Tasselled Beauvamp lamp made with my 'Lady Alford' chinoiserie fabric in soft lit maximalist bedroom


5. Chinoiserie Art Prints & Panels


Incorporating chinoiserie wall art prints is an excellent way to bring the essence of chinoiserie wallpaper into your home on a smaller scale. These prints feature elegant designs inspired by Regency-era aesthetics, showcasing florals, butterflies, birds, and other charming motifs. By decorating your walls with chinoiserie art prints, you can create a Bridgerton era ambiance without overwhelming your space.


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framed blue and white chinoiserie wall art print panels

'Aurora' classic blue and white chinoiserie wall panel set

Chinoiserie artwork offers a versatile and accessible alternative to full wall coverings. With their intricate details and connection to the past, chinoiserie prints are an ideal choice for those seeking to elevate their home with a refined, Bridgertoncore aesthetic.


four framed chinoiserie wall art prints featuring butterflies, flowers, and branches in regency style room

Set of 4 Chinoiserie Wall Art Prints


Mini or smaller chinoiserie art prints are a perfect way to fill in the smallest of corners with a little Bridgertonesque charm! Place them on a bedside table or shelf for an instant lift!


Chinoiserie art print featuring crane and botanicals in regencycore bedroom

Regency style nightstand featuring 'Elina' art print in size small 


6. Plush Quilts and Cushions

Quilts and cushions with ruffled edges and bold intricate florals create inviting, cozy spaces that exude elegance! 


This is a super easy and affordable way to make your home not only look luxurious, but FEEL luxurious - the perfect way to unwind after a long day of promenading!


neo regency style floral chinoiserie cushion and quilt by raahi living

'Polly's Cottage' cushion cover and 'Ava Rosewater Bouquet' quilt by Raahi Living


7. Gold Gilded Accessories


Adding gold vintage-inspired accessories is an excellent way to infuse your home with the glamour and elegance of the Regency era. Ornate candlesticks, mirrors, and photo frames featuring intricate designs and antique charm can elevate your living space and create a sense of timeless sophistication.


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These golden accents not only reflect the opulence and grandeur of the Bridgerton period but also serve as versatile and functional pieces in your décor. Candlesticks provide ambient lighting, while mirrors and photo frames offer opportunities to personalize your space and showcase cherished memories.


gold regencycore mirror and photo frame
'Divine' chinoiserie art print in gold frame paired with a gold vintage mirror. Image credit: customer review


8. Regencycore fashion!


As we conclude our exploration of Regency-inspired home décor, it's only fitting to celebrate the chinoiserie dress I recently designed for the iconic brand, Hill House Home. We went with a classic blue and white print which matches my living room perfectly and makes me feel like a princess! 


diane hill wearing blue and white chinoiserie dress by hill house home

Wearing the 'Matilda' dress in my classic blue chinoiserie design for Hill House Home

Not only does this demonstrate the harmonious relationship between fashion and interior design, but it also highlights the enduring appeal of this Bridgerton-inspired style. It seems it's a trend that's here to stay and I'm so honoured to be part of it!


Diane Hill holding dress by Hill House Home featuring her classic blue and white chinoiserie design

In my studio with the dress by Hill House Home featuring my classic blue and white chinoiserie design

Whether it's incorporating elements of the Regency era into your home decor or donning a stunning Bridgerton-style dress, embracing this timeless aesthetic can bring a sense of sophistication and opulence to your world. 


diane hill in blue and white chinoiserie dress in her Regency style living room

Wearing my blue chinoiserie dress designed for Hill House Home in my Bridgertonesque living room 


For more history-inspired home decor inspiration take a look at my blogs on maximalism and Brighton Pavilion!


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